Flowers for Valentine Free Delivery

Happy Valentine! With our beautiful flowers any woman feels like a  Queen.
This Valentines we  got  flowers from France: French Tulips, Amaryllis. Huge

Ranunculus, Mimosa,and ROSES, ROSES, ROSES;
Tropical Orchids-“Happy Valentine” and the most romantic red roses
”Black Baccara”.

Just look at this perfect rose!  That is a true  LOVE MSG. Buy 1 DZ long stems, big bloom for 65$-  fancy wrapped , 75$ –  in the tall vase.  Choose your color- red, white, hot pink, yellow.  For FREE  delivery order online – NOW!  We have NEW  tropical flowers.

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Snow Ball White Hydrangeas.

Snow Ball Hydrangeas

Snow Ball Hydrangeas

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Have a Very Happy Holidays!

Red Bank Flowers

Red Bank Flowers

Whild selection flowers and centerpieces From Festive Christmas , “Fire and ice”to elegant floral arrangements with Pure White “Christmas Gift ” amaryllises.


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Flowers for October – coral callas, roses, brass container and pumpkin!

red bank flowers


flowers for mom from the garden

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Frost Guard for Flowering Plants

Lay a layer of 6 to 8 inches of wood chips or straw over perennial and flower beds. Protect outdoor plants like camellia, rhododendron, azalea 

flowers for winter

flowers for winter

in winter with screens or frames or burlap.  Remove the coverings when temperatures rise the next day.

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New Rose “Heart”!


“Heart” is a new extravagant red rose.


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Tropical Flowers remind of Summer – Vanda orchids


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Blue Hyacinths are Sweet and Cool

wild flowers

Heavy spikes of highly-scented waxy bell-shaped blooms in blue, bring feeling of spring. Great flowers for any occasion.

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PARTY color : Gray and Pink


strange flower

strange flower/GRAY and PINK

red bank flowers for holidays

Red Bank Flowers could be modern and antique, minimalist  and lavish, bold and  breezy but  always  unforgettable – Rhapsody  in  Blue: orchids and roses.


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Flowers to celebrate Fall

Tropical Flowers remind us of summer :  Beach Tropical –
Gingers,  Heliconias, Honey Cones…20150828_090859


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